Parker Heck

Parker-Alex pictureParker Heck is a UNC-Asheville graduate with a B.A. in Music Performance and was the recipient of the Helen B. Edelstein Scholarship for Piano.  He has been teaching for five years, working with a wide range of ages and experiences.  Additionally, he has worked for three years in the Keys for Kidz program, a subsidized piano class project (hosted at Piano Lab) that provides lessons for under-served children in the Asheville community.

In addition to teaching, he also composes and performs, and he owns and operates Jump Ship Records, a recording studio that specializes in folk and classical music.  Before teaching piano, he spent five years coaching both year-round and summer league swim teams.  Parker is a well-rounded musician who also plays guitar, banjo, cello, and upright and electric bass.  In his free time, he also likes to read and spend late night hours writing his first book. He and his wife Kendal live in East Asheville.He is married to Isaac Dickson Elementary School teacher Kendal Marie Heck, and the two happily reside in the Asheville area.

 Recording Opportunities for Piano Lab Students!


Hey Folks,

This note is for any students who may be interested in recording their music for fun, as presents for parents, grandparents, etc. For those of you who don’t know, I have been running a small recording business for a couple years now, and thought it might be fun to put that to use here at Piano Lab. This would also be a really great opportunity for kids to see how the professional recording process actually works, to get a look at the software I use and also see the fun things like microphones, interfaces and big computers–not to mention also getting to experience the recording process itself!

So, just let me know if you’re interested, and we’ll take it from there.