While we definitely instruct the most serious of students in the classical tradition of piano performance, we provide lessons for ANYONE who desires to learn more about music.

Lessons are catered to the goals and desires of each individual student.

Here are some examples of what your lessons can include:

  • Improvisation
  • Arranging & Composition
  • Music Theory & Analysis
Ensemble Playing & Accompanying Skills
  • Music History & Musicology
  • Jazz, Popular Music
  • Ear-Training Development
Audition Preparation for Competitions, Collegiate Acceptance, etc.
  • How to Accompany a Congregation & Direct Church Music
  • The list goes on!

We are also pleased to announce our official partnership with the Asheville Area Piano Forum and local Yamaha piano dealer  Piano Emporium in supporting the Keys for Kidz program, a nonprofit group class setting for under-served kids who otherwise could not afford to take piano lessons.

Classes are in high demand, so the earlier you Contact Us, the better your chances of getting a spot!


Listening Link:  Rachmaninoff’s Suite for Two Pianos – IV. Tarantelle