Q:  What ages and levels of students are accepted?
A:  From the very young (4-5 yrs. old) to adults of any age.   All Levels – from first-time beginner up to conservatory training and audition preparation.


Q: Are you currently taking more students?
A: Piano Lab is certainly able to accommodate more students. We have teachers on our faculty that cover a variety of needs (even vocal coaching with piano!).  Though our staff  DO teach all levels, students (and/or their guardians) need to be committed to their own musical development in more than a passing/casual manner for us to take on the responsibility of serving as their music instructors.  We have a precocious 4-yr.-old, students with special needs, and some adult amateurs in addition to the more “typical” students you might expect, just to give you an idea.  We don’t discriminate based on age or level, but on the desire of the student to learn and to enjoy their study!  At this time, I (Kimberly) am personally taking students through audition/interview only and at the more advanced levels.


Q:  Do you travel to homes for lessons?  
A: Yes! We are now able to offer home lessons on a case-by-case basis and for an additional travel fee (based on distance).

Q:  Where are you located?
 We are located in the Westgate Plaza, the same giant complex that houses Earth Fare grocery store, Exit 3B, directly off the Patton Ave Bridge (intersecting with 26 and 240).  This saves the hassle of fighting downtown traffic, as you’re driving right off the highway and immediately can park and come right in for lessons.
We also have a new location opening in Aug. 2016 at 4023 Haywood Rd., Mills River (near Biltmore Park and the Asheville Airport).
Q: What are your rates?
A: Lesson Tuition varies depending upon several factors.  This includes whether or not you are enrolling family members together, participating in group classes, private lessons or both, etc., etc.  It is best to contact us so that we can discuss your needs and the type of lesson package you are looking for.

Q: Are there any scholarships available?
A: As you may already be aware, the Asheville Area Piano Forum (AAPF) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tirelessly committed to raising scholarship funds for worthy students who need assistance in paying for lessons.  This year, we have four students who obtained substantial scholarship funds through an application process that happens in the Spring each year.  It is both need and merit-based.  I will be happy to let you know more about this and other scholarship opportunities out there, both local and national.


Q:  Do your students perform in recitals, etc.?
A: Yes, we take our students’ overall development very seriously, and therefore require all students (under age 18) to perform in at least one recital per year (there are between 4-6 options every year).  Most perform in at least two.  Many also perform with other students in additional to their solo work, gaining valuable ensemble experience (piano duets, trios, chamber music with other instruments, etc.).   Our students also have the options of participating in various festivals and competitions locally and regionally (NCMTA/MTNA, NFMC, and AAPF are the main ones).

Q:  What is your teaching philosophy?  Do you use certain methods/books?
A: Our teaching philosophy encourages creativity, a true understanding of musical structure (not just playing by rote “because I said so”), and a myriad of in-house-generated supplements, games, rhythmic focus worksheets…music arrangements…the list goes on…no two students or learning styles are exactly the same.  We often get asked what “methods” and books we use as Piano Lab teachers.  All of the good ones–and there are quite a few!  😉  Elements of Kodaly, Suzuki, Matthay & Leschetizky techniques, to name a few…Publishers we admire include Alfred’s for overall materials…Bastien for Sight-reading specifically…but none of them contain “everything.”  Students come to us thinking they just want to play one style and end up loving Bach all the way to Brubeck and beyond.  Our teenagers love learning that their Mozart and Adele pieces both contain the same broken-chord progressions, for instance.  😉

Hopefully, that gives you enough of an overview.  The bottom line for me as a teacher and as director of Piano Lab:  Every student should learn to have their own musical voice; should learn that all good music shares similar elements (and requires the same rock-solid technique on the instrument); and the entire process should be a healthy, challenging, and fun journey.

Q:  What makes Piano Lab unique from other studios?
Click here for more answers to that question.

Q:  What if I can’t study with the PL Team but still want lessons?
A:  If, for whatever reason, you are not able to study at Piano Lab, I take it as my duty to try and help you to find someone to meet your needs.  In order to do that, I would need to speak with you, so in any event, feel free to get in touch!  I’ll put on my Asheville Community Music “hat,” ask you some questions regarding age, level, primary concerns, etc. and see what our greater-Asheville piano community can do for you!