Piano Lab Studios, Inc. is the creation of concert pianist and former professor, Kimberly Cann.  Founded in 2010, the scope and resources of the studios have grown and thrived in a community where these offerings are much-needed.

The greater Asheville area is rife with artistic opportunities, and yet, there has previously been no place where you can come to learn any and all styles of consummately professional piano playing (jazz, contemporary, improv, church, & of course classical), ALL taught with classical training as the undercurrent…

  •  a set of studios where your family (or multiple kids close in age) can come and study music skills together
  • where ensemble learning for the piano can take place in a real group piano classroom environment…
  • where the youngest beginner can be assured not only a fun lesson, but one that is taught using the very best in proper piano techniques & a well-rounded musical foundation that can prepare that same beginner to someday be accepted into any of the world’s best conservatories (you just never know what set of talents children will run with in life!).
  • We are Asheville’s Piano School!


Our Faculty

Click on the names below.  More Faculty Member info soon to come!  

Kimberly Cann – Director, Instructor (piano, organ, theory, composition)

Sarah McCoy Assistant Director, Instructor (piano, voice, composition)


Vinnie Agrusa – Instructor (piano)

Alaina Doll – Instructor (piano)

Sarah Pelchat – – Instructor (piano)

Savannah Maynor – Instructor (piano)

Parker Heck – Recording Engineer


 40 Westgate Parkway, Asheville, NC (2 min. walk from EarthFare)
Coming soon…  
4023 Haywood Road, Mills River, NC
(convenient to Arden, Hendersonville & Brevard!)


Listening Link: Rachmaninoff’s Suite for Two Pianos – IV. Tarantele 

Stay tuned for more video/audio recordings of all our talented faculty musicians!