“My daughter took to the piano (& her teacher) immediately. Both her focus and her patience have improved, and best of all, she is LOVING the learning process!

I love to see her so enthusiastic, and can’t believe how much (and how fast) she is learning. If I would have had lessons like this when I was a kid, I probably wouldn’t have given it up!”

-Molly’s Mom, Asheville

Kimberly & her faculty have had the privilege of performing and teaching students from all over the world.  Take a look at what students (& parents) have to say about their experiences…



“Fabulous, knowledgeable, instant rapport with both me and my child, use a large array of creative teaching tools and techniques, excellent facility, excellent faculty…we are having a great experience so far, and my daughter is excited, practicing and progressing quickly.” – Laura S., Asheville

“There are many, many great things about Kimberly and her studio.  She is a dynamic teacher with an infectious enthusiasm; she is an extraordinary pianist; and her pedagogical approach is one that engages the student with multiple pathways of learning (she explains, she demonstrates and, importantly, she communicates in writing).  Though my daughter has been a student of Kimberly’s for just over a month, Kimberly’s impact has been remarkable, and we see evidence of this every day as our daughter rushes to the piano in every spare moment (and insists on mini-performances on a daily basis).  Kimberly is an inspired and inspiring teacher, and we feel extremely fortunate to have found her.”

– Laurel T., Asheville



“Kimberly has been great since day one and was very willing to work with me on scheduling and price. We had a long talk about what I was looking for, which ultimately helped her pick my primary piano instructor. Things have gone very well since then with constant progress and a good variety of songs and styles so I never get bogged down or bored. I look forward to continuing with Piano Lab in the future.”  – Nicco B., Leicester

“Holly is the youngest of four children in a musical family.  Over the years, she has watched hours of other kids taking lessons. What I love most about Piano Lab is how they are able to come down to a wiggly 6-yr-old level and bring out all that listening Holly was able to do!  They encourage Holly to play things she will use again later (“Happy Birthday,” a familiar song from our church, or her favorite kid songs).  This allows Holly to enjoy every minute of practice time and to be able to play things she is proud of for friends and family.

Practicing is easy if you’re having fun, and somehow Kimberly gets tons of technical music terms and piano techniques into something Holly sees only for the fun.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m not an all-fun-no-substance Mommy, and I have years of piano lessons under my belt.  Kimberly ensures use of a little Suzuki, a little theory, a little basic piano book work and mixes it into exactly what my child needs in a way that is ‘6-yr-old exciting’ and fun.”

– Heidi L., Burnsville


“I began taking lessons from Kimberly about six months ago after a long break from the piano. As an intermediate adult piano student, I truly value Kimberly’s enthusiasm for teaching (regardless of my talent level!), her ability to make each lesson fun and productive, and her understanding of my challenges of trying to “fit it all in” to a busy schedule.  I am constantly amazed by Kimberly’s ability to guide my technique and gently bring out the musicality of my playing.  Her love of music and teaching constantly sparkles through, and I always leave our lessons (which go by much too quickly) energized and inspired.”

Gary L., Asheville

“We have been blessed to work with Kimberly for the past year and a half.  Our children are 7 and 9 and look forward to lessons every week.  Kimberly is incredibly positive and encouraging at every turn while giving very specific recommendations at just the right moments.  Our children have very different learning styles and personalities, and Kimberly adapts intuitively and customizes her approach to fit each child.  Lessons are a perfectly balanced amount of fun and structure, and Kimberly always knows when a change of pace is needed.  Communication regarding lessons, recitals and offerings are clear, concise and timely.  As each of our children faced trouble spots at home in practice, Kimberly was quick to respond to my email and share any tips for home study as well as tweak approaches as needed.  I have and will continue to recommend Kimberly for lessons.  She is not only a teacher for our children…she has become a mentor.”  – Kim W.,  Asheville


“Lessons are fun and I feel happy and musical. Before I didn’t feel musical, and now I do.”  

– Jodi K., Asheville

“Jodi now often comes home from lessons and wants to practice right away. She’s experimenting a lot on the piano and obviously having fun with it.” – Jodi’s Mom, Elana K.



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